Measurement and Verification

JCM Solutions are internationally accredited providers of M&V services


Measurement and Verification services give businesses and organisations the tools to have an independent assessment of actual results of energy saving projects.

Our M&V reports document the real energy savings achieved by a project.

Giving our clients certainty

Businesses are constantly offered new equipment or software upgrades claiming to produce energy savings. It can be very hard to know what (if any) actual savings will be achieved.

M&V plans allow an organisation to manage the risk of an energy improvement project by independently measuring the “before and after” energy situation, clearly identifying actual savings made.

If desirable, a performance-based contract can be created and if the supplier’s project does not deliver the agreed savings part (or all) of the project cost can be recovered by the client.

JCM Solutions can even conduct retrospective M&V studies if the right data is available.


Why Measure and Verify?

M&V plans offer our clients the certainty that energy efficiency projects or EPCs can be assessed in a rigorous and standardised manner taking the guesswork and emotion out of saving energy. M&V can be useful when:

  • implementing new, energy saving measures with a desire for generating energy saving certificates
  • verifying energy performance contracts
  • assessing the true benefits of system upgrades aimed at energy efficiency improvements
  • verifying actual project benefits to support funding applications or compliance requirements

JCM Solutions utilises international best practice (Efficiency Valuation Organization International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol January 2012) M&V techniques to accurately quantify the performance of energy saving systems for our clients.


NSW Energy Saving Scheme

Once an M&V report has been produced energy saving certificates can be generated. These certificates are sold and the money can offset the cost of implementing energy savings projects.

NSW requires all M&V reports to be reviewed by an independent approved M&V professional. JCM is included on this select list.


VEET Scheme (Victoria)

Victoria has introduced a similar scheme which produces Victorian energy efficiency certificates (VEECs).

JCM Solutions' Collin Macpherson is the second Approved Measurement and Verification Professional to be registered with the VEET scheme. JCM provides both basic and detailed audits of Project Based Activities.