Energy Audits

JCM Solutions provides excellent energy auditing services to businesses and other organisations. As companies adapt to operating in a low-carbon/high energy cost economy, we help to achieve significant reductions in energy use, often without requiring large capital expenditure.

We have been successful in saving money on electricity and gas bills for many different types of businesses. We typically deliver substantial - 10% to 40% - savings to our clients, usually with rapid pay back periods.

JCM Solutions bring over 30 years of industry experience to our energy audits, conducted in accordance with AS/NZS3598. We use a systems management approach to reveal process improvements, so our clients can maximise the benefits of their existing systems before considering costly system upgrades which may only provide marginal returns.

Through our client-focused, integrated analytical and practical approach, we provide innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption and carbon production, without compromising business needs or process requirements.