Our Services

Energy Audits

JCM Solutions provide Level 1, 2 and 3 energy audits in compliance with AS3598. An energy audit helps to identify opportunities for energy savings as well as providing an overview of how energy is currently being used by a business.

  • A Level 1 audit provides an initial assessment of energy usage.
  • A Level 2 audit is our most popular audit that provides business cases of ±20% accuracy.
  • A Level 3 audit is very in-depth and includes a ±10% business cases. The audits can also be tailored to suit the individual client needs.

See our Saving Energy page for more information.

Measurement and Verification

JCM Solutions can use our extensive knowledge of energy saving projects to help you to quantify the energy savings that are achieved from retrofits and upgrades. We can facilitate the assessment process and assist you in obtaining energy savings certificates to help fund the upgrades.

See our Measurement and Verification page for more information.

Energy Savings Action Plans

JCM Solutions can help to prepare your Energy Savings Action Plan (ESAP).

Organisations that need to complete an ESAP include:

  • businesses in NSW using more than 10 gigawatt-hours per year at a site 
  • all local councils in NSW with populations of more than 50,000 people 
  • NSW Government agencies which use more than 10 gigawatt-hours per year at a site.

Energy Saving Implementation Support

JCM Solutions  can supply a full suite of project management support services including:

  • scope definition
  • initial costing
  • business case development
  • quotation acquisition and implementation planning

as well as project management support to identify and implement energy saving projects.

Applications for Government Funding

JCM Solutions can assist you to prepare an application for government funding to subsidise your energy saving projects.

Peer Review

We can provide professional peer review of many process engineering reports.