We Put You First

Our Approach

JCM Solutions brings a process engineering-based approach to finding energy savings. Our priority is to bring our clients maximum savings for minimal cost, which means we rank savings measures by considering solutions that:

  • only require system change without capital expenditure
  • use behavioural change without needing capital expenditure
  • minimise the capital expenditure for proposed solutions.

When we recommend energy savings requiring larger investment, we select those with:

  • short payback periods; and/or
  • longer payback periods but with substantial energy use reductions.


Our Methodology

JCM Solutions take energy saving and reducing carbon footprint seriously and we understand the cost pressures facing Australian businesses. Our audits have consistently shown that significant energy savings can often be made without any capital expenditure. Where investment is required, we bundle immediate savings initiatives with projects that have a longer payback period to provide a viable business case for taking action.

We bring a detailed and thorough approach to our energy audits - factoring in both electricity and gas as applicable - by using:

  • Desktop reviews of both billing and energy use data for the preceding two years, looking for seasonal variations, peak demand variability and possible tariff anomalies.
  • On-site investigations to document in detail all of a site's energy uses and collect the data necessary to model energy usage on site.
  • Observations of the operation of the main energy-using systems.
  • Specialised data logging of key energy using plant equipment or processes, with full power analysis if required.
  • Off-site review and analysis of all technical and historical data collected to find opportunities for energy reduction.

Our findings are then presented to our clients in a face to face meeting. We provide a detailed report covering current energy usage, a full energy cost model, areas for saving energy and business cases for capital expenditure.